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Banana Coconut Tartlets

I am quite sure that many have tried the more commonly available fruit tarts, egg tarts and coconut tarts. But have you ever tried banana coconut tarts before? The combined flavours and texture of both brings a different level to the taste buds. The correct name for these mini tarts should be tartlets. To make…

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Curry Puffs from leftover chicken curry

What do you do with your leftover chicken curry? I make curry puffs with frozen roti paratha (roti canai). Your curry won’t go to waste but becomes a delicious snack. This is not your usual recipe as there are no exact measurements for the ingredients. It all depends on how much leftover curry you have.…

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Mini Sausage Rolls

Mini Sausage Rolls are so easy to make with ready made pastry and cocktail sausages. How about making your own filling and pastry? In this recipe, I will show you a very simple filling made of mashed luncheon meat with garlic, parsley and pepper.  I used the same pastry as in my previous post on Beef…

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Beef Pasty (Baked Pastry Puff)

A “Pasty” is basically a baked pastry filled with meat and vegetables and wrapped into a semi-circle shape just like our local curry puff. This is another versatile dish that has many variations for its filling but typically made up of meat and vegetables. I’m using the same beef filling from my previous post on Beef…

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Coconut Candy with Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar)

How many of you remember when was the last time you ate these yummy coconut candy treats. Back in the 60s, these coconut candies were very popular. My mum used to make these candies when I was a young boy but it seems harder to buy them as the years go by. Nowadays you can…

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