My name is Eddie Tan and I started this blog as a progression from my YouTube Channel – Shiokman Eddie which was started on 4 September 2016. The videos posted are recipes that are tried and tested by me and my wife and filmed with iPhone and Android mobile phone cameras. It may not look very professional but I think they are of acceptable quality to be able to understand the tutorials and to be able to cook or bake the dishes and cakes that we have made.

In this blog you can find all the recipes with links to my YouTube Channel. You can also print any of the recipes posted here.

If you like any of my recipes or videos and you want to be notified of new recipes posted, just click on the “Red Bell” icon at the bottom left corner. Please also post any comments or questions that you may have below the recipe. Don’t forget to share any of the recipe that you like.

Thank you for visiting and hope you will try out some of our humble recipes.

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