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Black Vinegar Chicken

Black Vinegar is reported to have many health benefits and many people in Asian countries like Japan and China consume it as part of their daily diet. It has an intense aroma and flavour and is a widely used condiment in Asian cuisine. This is a simple recipe where the chicken is braised with ginger,…

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Pork Chop in Dark Sauce

This is one of those comfort food that I will prepare when I run out of ideas to cook for the family. A simple meal that goes well with rice. Any leftovers kept in the refrigerator will taste even better the following day after reheating. For those who don’t take pork, chicken tastes great too.…

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Spicy Belacan Pork

Belacan (shrimp paste) is an essential ingredient in most Peranakan dishes and this recipe has a rich flavour of it. With the addition of potato chips and green peas, this is not your typical Nyonya dish but they complement each other very well. A fusion of Asian and Western cuisine. Want to know how it tastes…

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Nyonya (Ayam) Chicken Rendang

Almost all chicken rendang and curry taste quite similar, but when you add lemongrass, lime leaves and lime juice during the cooking process, the enhanced flavour literally explodes in your mouth. So much so you wouldn’t want to eat the plain chicken rendang and curry anymore. This delicious dish has been a favourite among my…

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