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Arrowhead Chips (Chiku/Ngaku)

Arrowhead Chips are very popular during Chinese New Year. These very addictive and crunchy chips are made from the bulbs of the arrowhead plant and will only appear in the markets about a month before Chinese New Year.

Author: Shiokman Eddie
  • 500 g Arrowhead bulbs
  • Fresh cooking oil for frying
  1. Cut off both ends of the arrowhead bulbs
  2. Using a peeler, remove the skin
  3. Wash the peeled bulbs
  4. Set it aside to dry
  5. Attach arrowhead bulb to the mandoline slicer handle
  6. Slice the bulb over hot oil in a pan
  7. Do not slice too many into the oil or the slices will stick together
  8. Fry the chips over medium flame until they turn into light golden brown
  9. When you notice that the oil bubbling around the chips has stopped, they are ready to be removed from the frying pan
  10. Place fried chips on paper towel to drain excess oil
Recipe Notes

500g of arrowhead bulbs can fill a medium size container after frying.
To ensure the chips stay crispy, slice the bulb directly over the hot oil