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Hi Eddie, i tried your kueh recipe last night and it turned out good👍🏻Thank you for sharing your recipe with us.
Elaine Quel
Hi I had made Kueh Salat today exactly the same way following your recipe ... very tasty and delicious every one praising...👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏
Janabai A/p Vellasamy
Eddie I don't know if you're a fellow Eurasian or a bloody good chef but I can attest that this is one great recipe! I make mine exactly like yours except with a slightly reduced amount of yolks + crushed almond slices + dash of rum. Yummers!!!
Turn out very good n successful for the 1st time. Very easy to follow n understand. My family love it. Will made again. Thank you very much
Florence Lee
Hi Eddie, I live in Sydney. BTW, I made the cake yesterday. It was most delicious! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe
Kathryn Foong

“Tried and tested recipes with tutorial video links on YouTube”

I started this blog as a progression from my YouTube Channel – Shiokman Eddie.
Thank you for visiting and hope you will try out some of my humble recipes.

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