“Shiokman Peranakan Recipes” eBook

Learn the art of Nyonya kueh-making and other Peranakan dishes from the comfort of your own home.

Shiokman Peranakan Recipes eBook contains 30 recipes in total (all with links to video tutorials), including 7 new recipes with exclusive video tutorial links (i.e. for buyers only).

To order, please click on this link:

You may ask why buy my eBook when most of the recipes are already posted on my recipe blog. Well in the eBook, I have carefully rewritten and presented the recipes in a format that you can easily understand and follow. Each recipe also comes with a link to the video recipe. With a tap of your finger you can easily access the video recipe. From the content page, you can also select and access the recipe of your choice.

Having the eBook makes it easier to access my clearly written recipes on your devices, e.g. handphone, tablets, etc. All the recipes are safely preserved for easy future reference.

Having the eBook readily accessible is especially important as online recipes are susceptible to hacking. In fact, my recipe blog was hacked recently. Some people wrote to me requesting for the recipes (which they found they could not access) as  it took some time for me to reinstall them back into my blog.

On top of that, I have added 7 exciting new recipes (sweet potato ondeh ondeh, traditional kaya, kueh putugal, getuk ubi, gula melaka agar agar, sago pudding and durian apom balik) that are only available in this eBook.

So why hesitate, get this offer now and learn how to make kueh, cook and bake using the recipes and videos in the comfort of your home, without having to spend a lot of money and precious time attending cooking classes.

You could also consider buying this eBook as a gift for your cooking enthusiast friends!

To order, please click on this link:

My “Shiokman Peranakan Recipes” book is also available in Kindle version for purchase on, people living in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia do not currently have the option to buy Kindle books from

If you live in a country where you have the option to purchase Kindle books from Amazon, you may wish to consider purchasing the Kindle version of my “Shiokman Peranakan Recipes” book.




  • I seem to have bought this book when it was first offered but cannot seem to find it now. Please help

    • Can you please search your email around the time when you ordered. That email with the download link is from Gumroad. Please download the eBook to your laptop or tablet so that you can retrieve it easily.

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